About Us

Mark Eade

Residential or Commercial, Copper Rainwater Products is the One Stop Shop for all your rainwater product needs.

Mark and Bryan started this business with very clear objectives. To grow the business by providing the best available service anywhere in the North Island. To be recognized as an innovative market leader by introducing new products to the market. To enjoy the relationships we are building with our customers by presenting a friendly and helpful attitude. To be proud of the quality of our products and to have fun!

Bryan Chitam

Commercial buildings architects and specifiers require specialist information. The conditions, volumes, and security attachments rainwater products require on these buildings specify quality materials that few manufactures work with. Copper Rainwater Products specialize in hard materials such as Stainless Steel and pre weathered Zinc.  Flashings, rainheads and other fabrications are available in all materials.

Stainless Steel 200mm ½ round spouting, Pure Zinc or Galvanized steel, 175mm downpipes, Color Steel or Copper rainheads, and 6 metre Alloy flashings to your plans; are all in a days work at our One Stop Shop for rainwater products!  Seven different profiles of spouting, in the size you require, in eight different metal types, all manufactured from high quality sheet metals, are at our Auckland factory.  We also have another 30 quality products. Our huge range of quality products in addition to our personal and friendly service supports our belief in our ability to supply all of your Commercial and Residential rainwater needs, in a timely manner at the best price.

Looking Good Forever!